Dry Needling (IMS) and Acupuncture

What is Dry Needling (IMS) and how is it different from acupuncture?

What is Dry Needling (IMS) and how is it different from acupuncture?


Our physiotherapists can perform dry needling using Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) and acupuncture techniques. Both involve inserting a thin needle into a specific body part, however similarities end there as philosophies differ between the two practices.

Acupuncture involves needles being inserted into points along the body called meridians, which are based on ancient Chinese medicine and represent certain body organs. The philosophy is to maintain balance and energy flow (Qi) through the body using varying points. Needles are typically left in for 15-30 minutes

IMS is a form of dry needling pioneered by Dr. Chan Gunn at UBC where needles are inserted into specific muscles to treat chronic soft tissue and nerve pain. Inserted needles often trigger a muscle contraction (grabbing) and are typically not left in for more than a minute. Inserting the needle “resets the muscle,” helping to alleviate pain and restore function.


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