Physiotherapy vestibular treatment
General Physiotherapy

We are here to help you connect with your body regardless of how small or large your issue may be.

We help treat the highly athletic runner or dancer to the busy mom or dad managing work life balance. Learn more…

Physiotherapy dry needling treatment
Dry Needling (IMS and Acupuncture)

Our physiotherapists can dry needle using Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) and acupuncture techniques. Both involve inserting a thin needle into a specific body part, however similarities end there as philosophies differ between the two. Learn more…

Female Pelvic Health

Female bodies go through a number of changes through life whether it involves preparing for pregnancy and delivery to menopause.

We are here to help you gain a better understanding and connection to your body.  Learn more…

Male Pelvic Health

Male pelvic health is slowly gaining more recognition, bringing awareness to the importance of addressing male pelvic dysfunction when present. It is often overlooked and under discussion.

We are here to help address these dysfunctions and maximize your health. Learn more…

Physiotherapy vestibular treatment
Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehab is a form of therapy that addresses issues caused by vestibular disorders. Some of the symptoms experienced are dizziness, vertigo, poor balance and eye tracking. Learn more…

clinical pilates

Movement-based therapy in a group or individual setting which will be tailored to your therapeutic needs. Learn more…

What to expect

Our use of a client-centered approach with the focus on one-to-one therapy provides 100% of the therapist’s attention to meet your therapeutic goals.When rehabilitating post injury or addressing chronic issues we will educate, empower and optimize function. We place a unique emphasis on pre-habilitation, meaning prevention of injuries and the enhancement of body awareness through movement-based therapy.

Training and rehabilitation take time, patience and dedication. It takes at least 6-8 weeks for tissue to heal and help to retrain the neuromotor pathways. Research supports three main principles to master new activities;
1.Emotional involvement
2. Mental and physical practice
3. Motivation

We are here to help you achieve this!

We start with a proper assessment to address the issue at hand establishing an effective treatment plan that aligns with your personal goals. In your assessment you can expect:

1. Clear diagnosis
2. Education
3. Treatment plan
4. Timeframe for recovery
5. Self-management strategies

During treatment a variety of techniques may be used such as:
– Manual Therapy
– Tissue and joint mobilization
– Dry needling
– Intramuscular stimulation (IMS)
– Acupuncture
– Biofeedback
– Real Time Ultrasound
– Modalities for tissue stimulation
– Therapeutic Ultrasound

The above techniques help to reduce pain, inflammation and promote tissue healing. We place a strong emphasis on movement-based therapy incorporating postural and movement adaptation as well as client specific exercises. We provide you with the opportunity to gain better mobility and strength in a small class or individual setting using Yoga and Pilates Therapy.




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