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Combining passion and knowledge to heal, every-body that moves.

Our Story

Our name exemplifies the services we provide. CORE can be interpreted as your brain, body and who we surround ourselves with. KINESIS is the study of movement.

We strive to be an integral part of the community providing services to all family members regardless of age. 

Our Core Values are:

EMPOWER: educate with the knowledge to understand the body, making informed decisions for habit and lifestyle changes.

GROW: Take the knowledge to maximize positive growth in the body, mind and spirit.

EVOLVE: Don’t ever stop listening and adapt as needs demand.

Our office

At Core Kinesis Physiotherapy we use a combination of manual and movement-based therapy. We are dedicated and pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of care by using evidence-based practice to address your core issues. In doing this, we use a holistic approach by incorporating mind, body and spirit.

Our mind is the control center of our body, simply put the brain sends signals from the nervous system to the muscular system, which in part gets us to move our joints and body.

With better body awareness we are able to optimize our movement, reducing and preventing injuries from occurring.

By making the connection of our minds and bodies we are able to have a more peaceful spirit with harmony and fluidity in our inner and outer environments.

Core Kinesis Physiotherapy

prides itself in having staff that are highly trained and diversely educated. We facilitate and encourage continuing education and inter-team comradery by having regular in-services/meetings with opportunity for professional growth. Using this philosophy, this helps to optimize staff satisfaction, which translates into best care for our clients.


Our mission is to guide and help you make long term changes to move beyond the focus of pain & dysfunction by developing the skills and body awareness to optimize your health through life.


We are a client centered clinic with a focus on movement-based therapy working with you to prevent injury as well as rehabilitation post injury by maximizing function. We have strong connections with our community and other health professionals providing  interconnections for our clients.

Core Kinesis Physiotherapy Logo
Performance Pyramid showing the stages of recovery

Our treatment approach

Our treatment approach is based on science using The Performance Pyramid. The focus at the bottom of the pyramid is when someone has been injured or learning a new skill, here manual therapy and modalities can help to address pain, inflammation, and increase body awareness. The middle of the pyramid is where movement-based therapy works to develop strength, new habits and ways to move. The top of the pyramid is being able to perform at your potential the activities you enjoy.

To reach optimal functioning you need to move through the pyramid addressing all components. If you miss a tier, long-term changes may not persist, risking re-injury or further dysfunction. By guiding you through the pyramid we will help you maximize your function putting you in charge of your body.

Skill: mastering a task

Performance: strength, power, speed, coordination, agility and endurance to provide good movement skills

Movement: range of motion, joint mobility, tissue extensibility, balance and posture



Core Kinesis

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